About TFM

Thin Film Magnetism (TFM) is a Central Florida based band, featuring Jeff Shepherd on sax and flute, Neil Bondurant on keys and vocals, guitarist Kevin Riggs, Steven Smallpage on bass, and drummer Sheds McFarland.  TFM performs high energy music with a repertoire that begins with jazz and then layers in funk and rock and blues influences into a style the band calls Bop Electric.



TFM at City Limits in Deland on the evening of June 4. The videos feature medleys of some of the songs performed that warm summer night as the sun slowly set. 

Camera Audio.

Includes an original - Clara's Fire; the classic Moondance; an original funk creation (one that gets written on the spot with audience suggestions); the dance song Tighten Up;  the 2006 Crazy; the James Bond Theme; and and our own take on the 1990's What's Up?; Chameleon; Spooky; an original - Walks Like a Wounded Man; In Memory of Elizabeth Reed; 25 or 6 to 4: and another original - Saturday Night.

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